About us


Ossidazione Anodica has been operating in the aluminium oxidation sector for thirty years.
Passion and top quality have enabled this small crafts structure to become a leader in its sector.
Experience acquired over the years and the ability to perceive the ongoing technological innovations enable Ossidazione Anodica to make a wide range of finishes available to its clients; these go from glossy to matt, from traditional colors to others similar to steel and titanium.
Production has two oxidation lines that enable to satisfy any request thanks to their different characteristics.
The independence of these lines assures ongoing production and guaranteed service to customers.
The market is evolving and aluminium is becoming an increasingly important protagonist, finding application wherever its decorative aspect is an added value.
It is precisely in this area that Ossidazione Anodica has decided to dedicate maximum commitment acquiring over the years new clients, leaders in the furnishing, shower cabin, lighting, giftware and automotive sectors.
An operational strategy that is not only based on the management of technical phases, but that provides our clients with the chance of contributing to the design of new products, turning wishes into realities.


Ethics and aesthetics cannot pursue different paths.
For this reason we have always taken all necessary precautions to carry out our work in full compliance with environmental norms.
Since 2007 we have received certification of compliance with International Regulations 14001, which lay down the standards for environmental management systems.
We work every day in a controlled factory environment whose processes and standards are certified and verified annually to guarantee above all to ourselves that we have a healthy workplace, giving us that priceless feeling of having a clear conscience.
This approach enables us to develop a finished product of quality, certified to ISO 9001 international standards.