Ethics and aesthetics cannot proceed on separate planes. That is why we have always taken all necessary precautions to carry out our work in full compliance with environmental regulations.

We work every day in a controlled factory environment, whose processes and standards are kept under control to ensure us first and foremost a healthy workplace and the priceless feeling of having a clear conscience: an approach that allows us to develop a quality finished product as well.

The fire, which led to the reconstruction of the entire company and its restart in January 2023 after almost two years of closure, necessarily caused the ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications that we had obtained in 2007 and maintained until the event to lapse. It is our desire and commitment to certify again our new production site according to the ISO 9001 and 14001 regulations.

OSSIDAZIONE ANODICA s.r.l. fully recognizes that a responsible economic strategy addressing environmental issues resulting from its activities is essential for its own success and that of its customers.

OSSIDAZIONE ANODICA s.r.l. further acknowledges that continuous improvement of its quality, environmental, health, and safety performance leads to significant commercial and economic benefits while satisfying the expectations for environmental improvement in the territorial context in which the company operates.
Therefore, OSSIDAZIONE ANODICA s.r.l. is committed to pursuing a policy of continuous improvement of its performance by minimizing, where technically feasible and economically sustainable, any negative impact on the environment resulting from its activities.

OSSIDAZIONE ANODICA s.r.l. intends to achieve the above goals by:

  • Focusing on customer satisfaction, prioritizing their needs and striving to exceed their expectations;
  • Keeping the infrastructure necessary for the operation of processes always up to date, thus ensuring high quality standards and ensuring compliance with current legal provisions;
  • Promoting a process-based approach to risk management and fostering business growth by considering positive and negative factors, both internal and external to the organization;
  • Creating consolidated relationships with suppliers and customers based on a partnership logic, as integral parts of the overall capacity to meet their needs;
  • Maintaining adequate environmental control for process operation, observing and ensuring compliance with regulations on health and safety, also through training on the subject;
  • Making every effort in organizational, operational, and technological terms to prevent pollution of water, air, and soil;
  • Minimizing energy and water consumption and waste production, favoring recovery where possible;
  • Defining quality and environmental objectives and goals to be integrated with the operational management of departments and business development programs;
  • Adopting excellent techniques in the technological process and protecting intellectual property for everything developed within the company;
  • Ensuring that the policy and the related management system are understood, implemented, and maintained at all levels of the organization and that the system is supported by periodic and systematic training activities;
  • Ensuring that this policy is made available to all interested parties.

The management also commits to periodically reviewing and updating this policy, indicating measurable and achievable objectives, with the aim of keeping it appropriate to the company’s purposes and suitable for the continuous improvement of the integrated quality and environmental management system.