When we set out on our journey we realised that to be successful we would have to take two directions: we would have to listen to and collaborate with our customers and aim for excellence in technology and processes. Since that time we have never stopped investing in dialogue, in the pursuit of new solutions, in the use of research and technologies.

That is why today Ossidazione Anodica covers all aluminium processing stages, from design and testing services, up to the treatment itself, in a fully integrated production cycle: from “project to product”.

So we have grown to become a company of 50 technicians working in an equipped area of 6,300 sq. m. able to offer customers everything they need to obtain a quality product and high standards at every stage of the process.


Co-design is our “flagship service”.

We work with our customers – companies, producers, designers… – to transform their ideas into products, crucially simplifying the customer’s workload in the coordination of often complicated and time consuming activities.

We work actively alongside the customer as early as the planning stage and then assist him in the pre-manufacturing of the product, also acting as a prime contractor, coordinating the various stages of pre-production and the production process itself.


Oxidation quality is built up through all stages of production, taking care to prepare the materials in such a way as to ensure that treatments can always be applied in the best possible conditions.

Mechanical polishing pretreatment, for example, serves to help the chemical treatment improve the quality of the color on the finished piece and proves to be a crucial step for ensuring that the chemical polishing and oxidation processes bring brightness and uniformity to the whole piece.

Just as the brushing stages (at different marking levels) enable us to confer more or less evident ribbing effects to extend the range of aesthetic solutions offered.

As of today, the cleaning department is equipped with:

– 2 semi-automatic pallet machines
– 2 semi-automatic double-pallet machines
– 1 rotary table robotised machine
– 3 manual machines with independent axles
– 1 taping machine

Performing all these pre and post production stages (polishing, brushing, grinding) directly in-house ensures control and full product responsibility and the possibility of correcting faults at each stage.


Our core expertise, the anodic oxidation of aluminum, is based on an automatic oxidation line that has been operational since January 2023, allowing for the processing of products with a maximum size of 4,800 x 2,000 x 450 mm.


The protection of our customers’ products is fundamental for guaranteeing a product that is not damaged by handling. That is why we design the most suitable packaging for each item, if necessary applying an adhesive film on every part.

The attention paid to quality control allows us to supply the customer with his material already packed ready to be marketed.


Our technical know-how enables us to offer personalised micro-shot-peening treatments, shot peening of various grades, sandblasting, laser cutting, screen printing, pad printing. The decision to do every kind of finish in house is dictated by our desire to control the quality of the process directly and invest in the manufacturing culture of our personnel.